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Welcome to my Spirit, my name is Ekaterina Armstrong, nee Ganchukova I’m a Russian Artist who has been painting and a teacher of Art for over 15 years in my home City of Pyatigorsk, Russia where I was inspired every morning as I looked out of my window on a clear winters morning and see the twin peaks of Mt Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains.

I moved over to the United Kingdom in 2004 initially living in the South West, I moved to Coventry in 2007 with my family and I am happy to be closer to the inspirations of the Lake District landscapes and to explore the peaks and valleys of Wales.


Ekaterina’s work features a wide range of subjects which include coastal seascapes, abstract landscapes, sealife, floral and fantasies, her painting mediums include oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings and pastel paintings. Ekaterina’s site features galleries of her past and current work, some of which are offered for sale. Ekaterina has taken the opportunity to temporary remove a few of her works from the gallery whilst they are framed.

Ekaterina is a modern artist and all artwork within her fine art galleries is original artwork.

Ekaterina would like to have any business contacts with people who are interested in her as an artist and a person of creative works. Please, feel free to contact her if you are interested in her work and you would like further details. The Midlands will now be the centre of her future work, although she has also been inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Lake District, which remind her very much of her home region.

Ekaterina Ganchukova was born in 1964 in Pyatigorsk, Russia, a resort town situated in the Stavropol region of the Caucasus mountains. She is an artist by profession and a graduate from the famous Art College Abramtsevskoye in Moscow. Katerina’s specialisation is of small size sculptures and paintings in all mediums. Most of her sculptures are made from stone. Before moving to join her husband in Plymouth, Devon Katerina used to teach sculpture together with painting to her students at the both the Art School and the Industrial Art College in Pyatigorsk. Katerina worked as a teacher for 15 years and loved her profession because it’s really creative work and she loves children.

Katerina’s paintings have been exhibited in Pyatigorsk and the Stavropol region and some of them she sells. If you would like to see and get to know more about Katerina’s recent, past and current creative work, then please go to the gallery section or follow the links on the right hand side to either the appropriate gallery or direct to the individual works of art.